BDMUN 2021 The United Nations Security Council (UNSC)

Dear delegates,

If you hear the words, “Delegates we have a crisis update” followed by a unanimous awestruck “Oh my God!” chances are you’ve reached the United Nations Security Council at BDMUN.

Delegates, it is with great pride and ardour that we invite you to the Security Council, a constant at BDMUN. The ipso facto and premise of this SC is fast-paced, solution-oriented and crises-overloaded. Analogous to the SC in the United Nations, our simulation is a swivel-eyed committee with an aim to cultivate and test a delegate’s ability to think on their feet and dazzle unabashedly with their radical ideologies. In addition to that, this committee looks to see, in a skill of political diplomacy, a delegate’s articulate representation of their allocated nation, to cooperate and collaborate with others, to come up with plausible solutions favouring them. I look forward to chairing the SC, and developing constant riveting crises to ensure you have an indelible experience as a delegate!

My name is Aryaa Meghani, a highly experienced delegate and I have been relentlessly MUNing since the past 3 years. People think of me as intimidatingly bold in committee, but my goofy and humorous (including some really bad puns) personality make me approachable to all. Outside the MUN, I am probably the most caring person you’ll meet, with an uncanny resemblance to the persona of a 5 year old. I have often been described as ‘the kind of girl who makes everyone laugh unintentionally and radiates warmth and happiness through her candour’. When it comes to the committee, work ethic is of utmost importance to me. I have also been described as a force to reckon with. I will drive each delegate to their maximum potential and my indefatigable nature and ability to read a person won’t allow you to slack or present any work that is not your best. I might be the epitome of sass and sarcasm, feel free to reach out to me with your doubts on anything, be it procedure, the agenda or to know what music to listen to, the best way to increase your interest in photography or even when the best time to buy bitcoins is! I highly look forward to chairing at BDMUN 2021 and listening to some amazing arguments and points of views.

My name is Aahan Jhaveri. I am very enthusiastic about chairing at BDMUN 2021. I have been attending different MUN conferences ever since the eighth grade and this has benefited me in every single way possible. MUN has not only helped me with my speaking skills, social skills but has also changed the way I look at different situations. I have met people from various parts of India and around the world and this has shown me how to be co-operative and how to respect different opinions. Besides MUNing I love playing basketball and it’s safe to say that I am a huge Lebron fan (I assure you I’m not a typical sobo boy). I enjoy listening to rap and hip hop and like playing FIFA. I love exploring things that I’m not aware of and I try to do something new everyday. I expect the delegates to be formal in the way they proceed during committee sessions. Being dominating over others isn’t better than collaborating with others and that’s what MUN is all about. Being well researched on the agenda at hand is vital and I expect to see each one of you to put your best foot forward and enjoy yourself over the course of the conference.

We eagerly look forward to seeing all of you take part with enthusiasm and determination!

Yours sincerely,
Aryaa Meghani & Aahan Jhaveri
Chairs of UNSC
BDMUN 2021

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