Tia Gupta

Deputy Head of Press

Dear Delegates,

We live in a world of continuous change, a world of political unrest and a constant fight for social justice. The International Press Corps grants delegates an opportunity to voice their thoughts through illustrations, and written work. As a delegate, you get the chance to deliver work that makes a difference and be a representative for the silent and impotent.

Rather than representing a country as a delegate, you will represent a news organization. The same energy that you would dedicate to being a given country’s delegate is the same energy you will dedicate to become a reporter for your news organization. Your job as a member of the press corps is to create an honest and fair piece of work that will be featured in the daily magazine. We expect you to deliver quality work that is witty, creative, vocal and unreserved.

Unlike any other committee, your time in Press will not be confined to just one committee, you will get the chance to visit the fictional formula 1 committee, DISEC or UNSC.  Your role will be to create articles on the committee’s happenings. This means when you are assigned to write an article on a specific committee’s events, remember to utilize quotes from interviews, star delegates and conversations with chairs to add colour to your story and present the reader with the hard facts they need to be informed of. The head and deputy head will serve as editors and fact-checkers. Please use us as well as your resources. We are more than willing to help you develop thoughtful news stories. Illustrators, we will take an illustration on any other committee different than the one you are assigned to. Remember to input your organisations’ bias within your work!

In addition to the writing, members of the Press Corps will also engage in a formal press conference through the weekend. Though the majority of your time will be spent reporting and completing assignments, come prepared to badger delegates and stir up debates as a representative of your organisation.

We can’t wait to see your work and interact with you in committee! Press delegates might seem like an invasive third party, peeking in and commenting on debates, however, if you enjoy expressing your thoughts behind the scenes, the International Press Corps is the place for you!

Warms Regards,
Kyra Jani, Head of Press
Tia Gupta, Deputy Head of Press
BDMUN 2021