Saina Seth

Secretary General

From the desk of the secretary general

Dear Delegates and Directors, 

Welcome to BD Somani’s Model UN, a safe space for fiery debate, friendly banter and discourse and evaluation of controversial topics of today’s contemporary world! 

My name is Saina Seth and I will be your Secretary General at this year’s conference. From my experiences attending numerous conferences as a delegate as well as a chair, I've realised that MUN is an opportunity that allows curious students and newcomers to communicate their interests and discover their passion for public speaking and debate. Through the course of this year’s conference, I wish to spark interest and discover such passions among delegates the same way I was riveted and swayed by the Model United Nations experience and the electric atmosphere that was filled with intellectually stimulating discussions during my first conference in the sixth grade. 

Here at BDMUN, we strive for nothing short of excellence, well-rounded, diverse and notable conferences. While the ultimate goal may be to reach a resolution and consensus, according to me it is the process that holds immense value. The discussions, debates, conflicts, contradictions and crises that you’ll face throughout the course of a Model UN, that's where the real experience and scope for gaining new skills lie. The public speaking opportunities, the swift decision-making, and not to mention how you will be pushed to your limits to research and compile information faster than you ever have before. That? That to me is as good as gold. This is exactly what makes a Model United Nations conference a unique, enriching and holistic experience. 

One thing about a Model United Nations is that it never fails to be diverse and fluid, just like today’s world. It prepares you for what’s to come in the future, for quick decision-making, for problem-solving and for adapting to change. This year with the inclusion of our constant-crisis committee and a night crisis, we aim to do exactly that. Delegates will be put on the spot, questioned and taught to be quick on their feet, a skill they will inevitably use in the future either knowingly or unknowingly. And if this sounds even remotely interesting to you, you’re going to love all the other aspects of a MUN.

As Secretary General, I’d like to thank my team for all the immense help and support they never failed to provide. As for the delegates, I want you all to debate like there’s no tomorrow and give it your absolute best! Keep a positive attitude throughout and don’t lose focus of what you’re here for, and you’ll be able to achieve anything you set out for. 

I look forward to meeting you all at this year’s conference and shaping and preparing today’s young, remarkable minds into the future cosmopolitan leaders of this ever-changing world. 

Warm regards,
Saina Seth
BDMUN 2022