Muskan Jhaveri

Deputy Head of Social Media

Dear Delegates,

Social Media is a diverse and interactive platform that gives one the ability to spread and share awareness about global issues. It is a vital part of one’s life that aids us to communicate with one another at a global level. Furthermore, it allows us to obtain more knowledge about global issues.

The experience of working in the Social Media team for BDMUN 2022 was exciting and exhilarating. We enjoyed creating content, and posts by exploring various software. Collaborating with the team improved our ability to communicate efficiently and cater to multiple audiences. Moreover, it enhanced our understanding of Sustainable development goals.

This MUN would showcase each individual's utmost capabilities and allow peers to challenge one another academically. Therefore we encourage each of you to take part in BDMUN 2022 physically. 

Watch out for more updates! Make this an exciting and unforgettable experience. Make sure to follow us on Instagram- bdsismun

Warm Regards,
Aashi Jhaveri, Head of Social Media
Muskan Jhaveri, Deputy Head of Social Media
BDMUN 2022