Jivishaa Pandit

Secretary General

Dear Delegates and MUN Directors,

“Our most serious shortcoming – and here I refer to the entire international community – is our inability to prevent crises. The United Nations was born from war. Today we must be here for peace.” - António Guterres

These words from Mr. António Guterres, the Secretary General of the United Nations is a resounding call for unity and peace. Model United Nations prepares students for being international citizens and teaches them indispensable lessons to forge peace and harmony with the resources at hand.

A Model United Nations Conference is not just a place where delegates can make arguments, it is an experience and opportunity to challenge your strengths and beliefs. Students, young adults, have the perfect blend of the power of imagination with logic, which gives them the confidence of saving the world. MUN shapes today’s students into tomorrow’s leader.

Each year, BDMUN strives to be bigger, better and becomes a trendsetter for the most prestigious Model United Nations Conferences. The zestful and highly-powered forum that BDMUN provides its delegates with, is absolutely unmatched. With a plethora of global and national affairs, there are a great amount of dynamic points of views and solutions to be discussed. BDMUN has and will continue to always excel at shaping young minds.

It is an absolute honor to hold the position of Secretary-General in such a magnetic and energising conference. To work with our wonderful BDMUN Team has been a truly enjoyable and rewarding experience. Each member of the BDMUN Team has put in their best efforts to make this chapter of BDMUN a thoroughly enjoyable and a wonderful learning experience for our delegates. The zeal that delegates have shown to prove their mettle and understanding of the question at hand, has made each chapter of BDMUN a grand success.

We are the future of this world and BDMUN is one way to prepare us for it. I hope to see fruitful discussions and arguments. I keenly look forward to this year’s chapter and know that it will, as always, be a defining point and memorable highlight for each delegate.

Your role as delegates at BDMUN 2021 and as future leaders is now more clearer than ever. The BDMUN Team of 2021 assures you to instil in you a sense of confidence and promises to provide you with a forum which is equal for all at its core. Do ask yourself the following question when attending the conference on 27 & 28 November 2021 and even after it:
Would a future world leader do what I am doing now?

The stage for MUNning at BDMUN 2021 is set!

Yours Sincerely
Jivishaa Pandit