Iksha Polishetty

Deputy Head of Press

Dear Delegates, Chairs and Directors

Just like the rest of the world, the press is adapting, fast paced and filled with excellent individuals  with their own unique opinions. We can learn a lot from each other, through looking at the world from a different lens and redesign our thought process, evaluate and analyse current world topics. It improves logical and analytical thinking, decision making, critical thinking and even your problem solving skills. BDMUN allows delegates to think on their feet with the new challenges they are thrown at, a skill that is extremely advantageous in all aspects of your future. 

As a delegate of the press, you have the unique opportunity to not be confined in one committee. Rather, you are encouraged to go to each and every committee and write, photograph or illustrate the proceedings. Your job is to create an honest, fair piece of work that will be published in the magazine. Remember to use quotes from interviews, star delegates and the chairs and co chairs. The head and deputy head of press are always willing to help so please use us in addition to other resources too. Lastly, do not forget about your news organization’s bias and remember to incorporate it. 

We can’t wait to see your work and interact with you in committee! Press delegates might seem like an invasive third party, peeking in and commenting on debates, however, if you enjoy expressing your thoughts behind the scenes, the International Press Corps is the place for you!

Don't be afraid to put yourselves out there and make sure you put your heart and soul into it because there's nothing like a BDMUN. We look forward to acquainting ourselves with you during this year's conference. 

Warmest regards,
Anika Mahansaria, Head of Press
Iksha Polishetty and Kasha Sachdev, Deputy Heads
Press team
BDMUN 2022