Aadit Shah

Deputy Secretary General

Dear Delegates, 

My name is Aadit Shah and I will be your Deputy Secretary General for BDMUN 2022. The topic of focus this year are the sustainable development goals issued by the UN organization. It focuses on historical and current affairs with respect to the lives of people, the planet, and how countries can be better and adapted to fit into this constantly changing world. For me, MUN is more than just debating. It is a very complex and intricate system that sort of mimics how the real world works. MUN helps delegates not only improve their debating and reasoning skills but also their research skills, writing skills, vocabulary and confidence. I remember when I was a new delegate, unaware of the rules, and I was nervous. But when I gave my first speech, I realized that it was fun. It was about sharing your opinion. It was about persuasion. MUN has helped me so much throughout my school life and even personal life. It has helped me research deeply, understand things better, read better, write better, settle arguments with people and above all, it has given me something to be passionate about. It helps me think on the spot, speak confidently and also helps me be a better listener. All these qualities are integral to keeping good relations with people. I think MUN is an amazing thing to do where you meet new people, make friends, learn a lot and above all, enjoy the process of learning. Good luck delegates and I hope that MUN means a lot to you too. 

~ Aadit Shah (depsecgenmun@bdsint.org)
Deputy Secretary General
BDMUN 2022