BDMUN 2022 Social, Cultural, and Humanitarian Committee (SOCHUM)

Dear Delegates,

It is our honour and privilege to welcome you all to the Social, Humanitarian, and Cultural Committee in the 2022 edition of the BD Somani Model United Nation conference. We are certain that every single one of you will be able to excel in this committee and develop as individuals and delegates, regardless of whether you have experience with MUN or this is your maiden experience. From dealing with social and humanitarian issues to addressing cultural disparities present in the world, we are confident that taking part in SOCHUM at this year’s BDMUN will give you new interpersonal, research, and leadership abilities which will not only support you as delegates but also give you easily transferable life skills for the future.

You will not only broaden your perspective and dive into one of the most important humanitarian crises of our day at this MUN, but also develop and demonstrate your research, communication, teamwork, and leadership abilities there. MUN provides a venue for students to collaborate and make a difference. You will probably encounter a number of difficulties in committee, but as a delegate, you must demonstrate the perseverance and problem-solving abilities required by MUN. Newfound allegiances, clashes of foreign policy, and crisis at the committee will ensure that this MUN is an experience for you like no other before.

We strongly advise you to carefully go over the study guide and use the pertinent information offered there to jump-start and direct your research. The executive board, however, also advises you to simply take it as a reference point and carry out independent research to expedite the process and potentially lead you to discover intriguing facts about your nation and other nations. The best delegates, after all, are only able to perform at that level thanks to their impeccable preparation. We also encourage everyone to take part since MUN is only as enjoyable as you make it for yourself.

MUN has unquestionably occupied a significant portion of our life, assisting us in connecting with people, developing skills, and learning a lot about ourselves that we were unconscious of. The executive board is thrilled to have the chance to assist you on your MUN voyage, and we are eager to meet each and every one of you in committee!

Your Executive Board,
Rushil Patni and Niya Jain
Chairs of Social, Cultural, and Humanitarian Committee (SOCHUM)
BDMUN 2022

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