BDMUN 2021 Prime Minister's Special Summit

Dear future delegates of BDMUN,

To begin with, our names are Kabir Oberoi and Rhiaan Shah and we will be chairing the Prime Minister’s Special Summit in BDMUN 2021. We both are extremely excited for enthralling debate sessions throughout the conference. In this committee we will be questioning whether India has a viable road map to viably conform to Mission Net Zero.

This agenda is extremely viable as it points us to a greener and environmentally friendly future.
India emits about 3 gigatonnes (Gt) CO2eq of greenhouse gases each year; about two and a half tons per person, which is less than the world average. The country emits 7% of global
emissions. These statistics are disheartening as the pollution levels by a single country are
ridiculously high. Due to this, the initiation of Mission Net Zero took place which aims to make
India a greener nation by 2050 which would put India in a position from where other countries could take inspiration.

This year’s BDMUN proposes a bigger and better than ever MUN experience and high-quality
debate. Since we are at an all time high student count wise, we expect to have the largest and
most successful MUN in the history of BD Somani. This year, as chairs, we look forward to a
large number of delegates rolling in applications for this Special Committee. This year’s BDMUN
would create a base for young and upcoming MUNners to gain experience from simultaneously
proposing high-level resolutions to such a complex matter. Additionally, BDMUN would provide a basis for experienced MUNners to come and showcase their qualities to the committee. We look forward to both experienced and upcoming MUNners to give their inputs and solutions for this agenda.

This year’s Special Committee, the Prime Minister’s Special Summit, poses a question which
concerns all Indians: whether India can achieve net zero carbon emission status by 2050. We
expect the delegates in our committee to have a good fruitful debate session and keep the
committee balanced. This would help us come up with constructive resolutions which would help excel this committee, as well as be fruitful to BDMUN.

We urge all Delegates to sign up for the Prime Minister’s Special Summit as this committee is
extremely pertinent to all Indians.

Kabir Oberoi and Rhiaan Shah,
Chairs of the Prime Minister’s Special Summit
BDMUN 2021

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