BDMUN 2021 Kabul Peace Conference

Dear Delegates,

It is our honour to see you participate at The Kabul Peace Conference at BDMUN 2021.

I am Vriddhi Goenka, one of the head chairs, and it is my distinct pleasure to welcome you to this committee. I have an avid interest in mathematics and sciences. Other than academics, I’d consider myself to be skilled in the dramatics and debating field.

I am Sana Mehta and I am very excited to be one of your head chairs in this committee. I really have an eager interest in Economics and I consider myself a top-tier debater!

Meeting at MUN ourselves, we both know about our avid interest to partake in conferences. MUN isn’t about the number of awards you have on paper, but it is about the profound experience that you take back with you. Not only do you learn so much about a certain political, economic or social issue, but you gauge knowledge on how to be a better speaker. We together do not think that anyone realises the importance of MUN until and unless they partake in it themselves.

As it is very popularly said, peace demands sacrifice. The deadlock in peace talks in Afghanistan cannot be overcome unless the two sides are ready to sacrifice their narrow interests. Because the Afghan government and the Taliban retain their war over who will manage Kabul, they forget about the fact that they’ll no longer wield any legitimacy until the Afghans offer it to them. The Afghan people are the sole sovereign over the country and as such, the power is in their hands. Although our committee is about being diplomatic, we assure you that you have steamed debates and some very exciting crisis coming your way!

If you are a first-time MUNner, we’d just like to tell you that conferences may seem intimidating at first but the only way it gets comfortable for you is when you start talking. Don’t think twice before you feel the need to talk because we know that you will contribute something of value to the discussion. Our simple advice to each and every delegate is to encourage them to bring something interesting to the table, think along unconventional lines and impact the committee in some way or the other. Remember, content is imperative, but delivery of it is more.

We cannot wait for the BDMUN 2021 Conference and we’re more than happy to answer any questions that you may have.

Yours sincerely,
Sana Mehta & Vriddhi Goenka
Chairs of The Kabul Peace Conference
BDMUN 2021

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