BDMUN 2021 Federation Internationale De L'Automobile

Dear delegates,

It is our pleasure to welcome you to Federation Internationale De L’Automobile at the BDMUN Conference. While everyone enjoys Formula 1 races and rooting for our favorite drivers, we must also discuss and address the underlying issues and flaws of the sport. The F1 committee this year hopes to allow delegates to combine their sports interests and hobbies with the enriching experience of a model United Nations debate. The head chairs hope that this committee will prove to be an informative and enriching experience for all of you. Over the course of three days, you will take on the roles of teams and debate issues related to money, delegation and parity. These issues are very pertinent and largely influence the sport. We expect this committee to not only be a place of productive debates and consensus, but also a committee where we can have fun and enjoy the process, as at the end of the day it’s all about having a good time and learning something new. With fruitful debates delegates also have to work hard on paperwork and eventually come up with a mutual resolution at the end of the conference.

MUN is an opportunity that gives one a chance to communicate, and possibly discover a passion or talent in public speaking and/or debate. Preparation is the key to having a holistic experience, which is why the chairs would encourage you to research thoroughly before the conference. The study guide is only a base for the information that would be needed for the conference. It is vital to research beyond the study guides, to not only get to know more for the conference, but also to enhance and broaden one’s knowledge.

To help regulate discussions during the committee sessions, all delegates are encouraged to speak freely and at ease, however delegates must strictly maintain etiquette and treat each other in a respectful manner and help us create a safe space for everyone to voice their opinions. Aside from that, fiery debate and friendly banter is encouraged.

See you soon at Federation Internationale De L’Automobile at BDMUN 2021.

Warm regards,
Shreevardhan Agarwal and Saina Seth
Chairs of Federation Internationale De L’Automobile
BDMUN 2021

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