BDMUN 2022 Emergency Commission on Health (ECOH)

Honourable Delegates,

It is our honour and privilege to welcome each of you to the Emergency Commission on Health (ECOH), 1989, where we take you back to October 17th, 1918! This is going to be a unique and enthralling experience as each delegate will be given a chance to change history. 

We enjoy participating in MUNs that are interesting, fun and memorable. This specific committee will not only put to the test your lobbying, debating and paperwork, but also your ability to think on the spot and tackle crises; a war and a pandemic in one! 

A great delegate will not only come prepared with research, but also ready to draft radical communiques, practical solutions, and indulge in fiery debate. Delegates must strike an artful balance between innovation and pragmatism in their paperwork, collaboration and self-interest when lobbying, and efficiency and deliberation when dealing with crises.

To tell you a bit about ourselves:

Greetings Delegates, 
I am your chair Sivaan Chokshi, and I enjoy MUNs.

My favourite MUN experience was the challenges proposed by delegates and the rivalries between delegates ending in a debate. Bizzare updates are also extremely entertaining as they tend to stir up relations and change bloc dynamics.

Greetings Delegates, 
I am your co-chair Esha Toshniwal and other than MUNs and history, I love music, specifically Taylor Swift, and bingeing sitcoms. If you love poor jokes, I am your go-to EB member!

My favourite MUN experiences have to be crises, including me attempting a military coup of India, admitting to be a mole in committee and holding delegates hostage, and framing Hong Kong for bombing China with the aid of the USA. 

Greetings Delegates, 
I am your co-chair Veda Shah, apart from MUNs I love playing and watching sports, especially tennis, and my favourite subject in school is Global Perspectives.

My favourite MUN experience was 2v2s, somehow they are entertaining and amusing yet informative at the same time. 

If you have any questions regarding the committee, please feel free to reach out to the Executive Board or the secretariats at (,, 

Until November, 

Sivaan Chokshi, Esha Toshniwal, and Veda Shah.
Chairs of Emergency Commission on Health (ECOH)
BDMUN 2022

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